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Lecture16-Marine Reptiles.doc

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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 16Marine ReptilesWhat are the features of TurtlesAnapsidsMost primitive group of living reptilesAncestry is poorly known Odontochelys from china 10 Mill years older thanProganochelys Late Triassic Europe Plastron is solidCarapace notCommon during Jurassic and Cretaceous Seas and estuaries How do Estuaries formwater level drops sea level is moving out and the rivers carve a basin as they actually move further and further out to seafeeding groundssafer Modern Sea TurtlesLimbs are modified into hydrofoilsUsing all 4 limbs as wings under water Precise migration over 1000s km WarmbloodedArchelon The Giant Cretaceous3m long 4m in flipper spanNo complete bony carapace due to weight Bony frameworkCrocodiles Archosaurs Ancestors were terrestrial Late Triassic Since Early Jurassic living at the water edge Example Prostosuchus Late Triassic Crucotarsi4 to 5 m long fast runner Photobosuchus Late Cretaceous texasLargest Crocodile2m skull11 m in length possibly 15 m6 tons possibly 18 tonsDuckbill dinosaurs as preyceratopsian
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