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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 18Dinosaur Palaeo biology Metabolism and GrowthDinosaurs models at the time of Richard Olsen Cold BloodedWarm BloodedHow long does it take a Velociraptor to reach adult size5 years Ectothermy and Endothermy are more meaningfulColdWarm blooded are general terms The blood is not actually cold or warmbut it instead refers to methods of temperature regulationTerms refer toBody temperature regulationVariation in body temperature Level of resting metabolismBody Temperature Regulation EndothermyEndothermic organisms regulate their body temperature internally and maintain a nearly constant temperature no matter what the conditions are like outside the bodyEctothermy Ectothermic organisms regulate their body temperature externally and the body temperature responds directly to temperatures of the environmentBody Temperature VariationVariable or constantHomeothermsOrganism in which the internal body temperature remains constant Poikilotherms Organisms in which the internal body temperature variesEndothermy is not superior or inferior to ectothermy nor is homeothermy superior to poikilothermyThey are metabolic strategies which are suited to different anatomies and behaviorsResting MetabolismMetabolismLevel of internal activity Cellular respirationBurning food caloriesResting metabolismlevel of internal activity when animal is at restMetabolism TachymetabolicAn animal whose metabolism remains at a high level burning caloriesMetabolic functions at high paceTypically but not always endothermsBradymetabolic
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