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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 11 chapter 7 OrnithopodaFossil Record Excellent Ornithopodbirdfoot Worldwide distribution Early JurassicLate Cretaceous Group Ornithischian dinosaurs Excellent fossil recordHistory of Discovery Discovered 1922 teeth from Iguanodonlizard tooth in England Iguanalizard dontooth 25 years later Leidy discovered Hadrosaurus hadrostout First museum display with great success 1878 discovery at Bernissart Belgium 31 complete specimens of Iguanodon buried in a coal seam ecosystem vegetationchina has a lot energy stations which uses coal large coal pits are excavated and the fossils were discovered not destroyedContinuous discoveries Ca 80 species described constant new species discovered Iguanodon Displaylarge what would you do to take it downhunting in packs evidence in bonebedsOrnithopoda 2 Groups Heterodontosauridae Heterodontosaurus bipedal Lanasaurus High crowned teeth A large caninelike tooth in upper and lower jaws SKull featuresEuornithopoda Hypsilophodontidae Iguanodontidae Absence of prominent boss in cheek region High angle between prepubic process and body of pubis Hypsilophodontidae Primitive member Thescelosaurus Late Cretaceous Western Interior Othnielia Late JurassicWestern Interior Yandusaurus Middle JurassicChina Orodromeus Late CretaceousMontana Hysilophodon Early CretaceousEngland Parksosaurus Late CretaceousAlberta Othnielia pattern in the body evidence mummybone structure dried skin Iguanodontia Sharing 11 characters Hadrosauridaethe duckbill dinosaurs Gryposaurus
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