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Carleton University
Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 17Dinosaurs Their Role in PaleogeographyExtinctionsLate OrdovicianLate Devonian Late Permian Late TriassicLate Cretaceous We are going through an extinction that it is man madeIn late Triassicdinosaurs experienced a small extinction What had contributed to the extinctionwe are looking at plate tectonic were we have continents forming super continents diversity is on the low side and as thecontinents separate it creates diversity is going upwardDinosaurs achieved a global distribution successful animalsmore diversity more dinosaurs Distribution Vertebrate are rarer than invertebratesGeographic distribution Ex Patagonia have more fossil material that tells us more about dinosaursTemporal distribution Rare fossil of two species togetherwhat do these tell usthey lived together and we can reconstruct that ecosystemRare fossil of interspecific behavior Ex One biting the other protected themselves from predatorsProceratops Ex lived together and died together in combat position Geographic DistributionEndemismEndemic TaxaIndigenous TaxaContinental SeparationTaxa which occur a specific geographic area and are related to certain EnvironmentsEx Kangaroo Why are they endemic to AustraliaThe moment Australia separated the animals stayed in Australia and they evolved Migration routes are shut downMountain Range forms certain animals are not able to cross over Barriers of faunal migrationWhat period of the mesozoic has the most endemism Cretaceous Temporal DistributionA new dinosaur genus occurred every 48 Million years Possiblyexceeded at time of mass extinctionsCeratopsian Dinosaurs
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