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Mineral and Rock ID List

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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2404
Jason Mah

Minerals Amphibole: Black, not shiny, prismatic cleavage, hexagonal crystals, grey streak ^ v Halite: Tastes like salt, cubic ^ v Calcite: Reaction with acid, scratched by penny, Magnetite: Magnetic, grey or black, v. hard, vitreous, white streak, rhombohedral habit black streak Chalcopyrite: Metallic, dark brassy yellow, scratched by fingernail, greenish black streak ^ v Mica: Scratched by fingernail, thin sheets – ^ v layers, prismatic habit, vitreous Dolomite: Olivine: V. hard, glassy, green crystals, white streaks, granular Flourite: Scratched by penny, purple/blue crystals, octahedral cleavage, pyramid habit, white streak ^ v Plagioclase Feldspar: Polysynthetic twinning, v. ^ v hard, white streak and colour, vitreous Galena: Metallic, cubic cleavage and habit, scratched by steel nail, grey or black, heavy Potassium Feldspar: Perthitic texture, contrasting between pink and white, Garnet: Adamantine, v. hard, white streak, rhombohedral habit, white streak dodecahedral habit ^ v ^ v Pyrite: Fool’s gold, yellow/bronze, v. hard, greenish black streak Graphite: Greasy, scratched by fingernail, metallic lustre Pyroxene: Vitreous, scratched by steel nail, black, grey/green streak, square crystals Gypsum: Light, scratched by fingernail, glassy ^ v Talc: Light, greasy, rubs off, silky, white streak Igneous Rocks Quartz: Conchoidal cleavage – no planar Breccia: Clastic, large angular fragments with weakness, v. hard, glassy cement, quartz, plagioclase ^ ^ ^ Basalt: Fine-grained, dark, extrusive, plagioclase feldspar and pyroxene ^ v Diorite: Coarse-grained, intrusive, black and white spots, feldspar, pyroxene, hornblende, sometimes quartz Gabbro: Coarse-grained, mafic, dark with small light spots, plagioclase, pyroxene, sometimes olivine
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