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Lecture Notes 16 Volcanoes .doc

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Earth Sciences
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ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

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Lecture 16 Volcanoes 20 of population lives near volcano Soils produced by volcanoes are highly fertile and farmers live close to volcanoes but face the risk of volcanoesVolcano Types Shield volcano Mauna Loa Hawaii largest individual mountain 400 metres above sea level Cinder cone Puu hill Ooextinct bird Hawaii they are round craters at the top which represent a ventMtSt Helens Washingtoncomposite cone or stratovolcanomaterial blown in the air eruptionsCalderas Example Aniakchak caldera Alaska collapsed of an existing volcanoes due to eruption and evacuation of magma reservoir Shield Volcanoes 3 Hazards Lava FlowsGas emissionsFaults earthquakes tsunamis The Big Island3 active volcanoes1 dormant volcano1 extinct volcano Kilauea Volcano Typical eruption Halemaumau An atypical explosive eruption Halemaumau 1924 lava lake level drop
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