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Earth Sciences
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ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

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Lecture 20 Extreme Weather I ClimateMeteorological elements and phenomena averaged over a long period of time for a region of the Earths surfaceMeteorological elementsprecipitations temperature humidity etcPhenomena hail frost fog etcFactors influencing climateLongterm trends in heating and cooling of the Earths surfaceCirculation of the atmosphere and oceansEnergy balance between the Sun and the EarthBalance must be maintained at a certain point in timeEnergy entering the Earths atmosphere must equal the energy reemitted to spaceOtherwise global warmingcoolingIrradiation incoming solar energyAlbedo amount of energy reflected back into spaceEarth global albedo3122 of energy reflected by clouds9 of energy reflected by the Earths surface100irradiation 31reflected back into space 69energy absorbed and reemitted100irradiation 31reflected back into space 20energy absorbed and reemitted by the atmosphere 49energy absorbed and reemitted by the Earths surface0 Energy absorbed by the Earths surface is mostly stored in the oceansOceans cover 70 of the Earths surfaceIrradiation penetrates deep through the waterEnergy absorbed by the Earths surface is mostly stored in the oceansWater has an exceptionally high heat capacityRequires lots of energy to raise its temperatureReleases energy slowly when coolingUneven energy distribution Irridation is distributed unequallyEquatorial regions receive morePolar regions have a deficitCause stronger albedoEnergy redistributionCirculation of heat from equator to polesIn an effort to restore thermal equilibriumVia oceans and atmosphereProcesses of energy redistribution Process exchanging the largest quantity of heat
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