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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

Lecture 22 Hurricanes What is the life cycle of a hurricaneHurricane energy converting engine What is the primary source of heatocean heat Wind with waves cause friction Wind and evaporation cause clouds to condense and most of the energy is released as rain this called the exothermic process What is a HurricanesHurakan is one of the creator gods of the MayansBlew his breath across the chaotic water and brought forth dry landLater introduced in the Carib mythologyHurican the god of evil Hurricanes tropical cyclonesMeans of exporting heat from tropics to midlatitudesSynonymsHurricanes Atlantic and east PacificCyclones Indian OceanTyphoons Western PacificWhat are the ingredients to form a hurricane1 Water temperature27C2 Warm humid unstable air3 Significant Coriolis effect to sustain rotating winds4 Weak highaltitude windsIn the northern hemisphere surface winds rotating counterclockwiseCoriolis effect Northern hemisphere paths veer to the right with respect to the direction of movement Hurricane surface winds What are the four forces control the circulation of hurricane surface winds1 Pressure gradient2 Coriolis force3 Centrifugal force4 FrictionIn the northern hemisphere hurricane surface winds flow counterclockwiseTropical disturbancePoorly organized cluster of thunderstormsWeak surface winds 37 kmhDiameter 200600 km Frequent near the equatorTropical depressionOrganized wind circulation is initiatedVertically strong vertical winds lift the warm and moist air upwardsLaterally counterclockwise windsClearly defined low pressure area
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