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ENG 1000 01/10/13 Semicolons: can separate two closely related sentences or if you’re making a list that begins with a colon. Independent clauses: sentences that can stand alone. For a formal paper: - Indent paragraphs - Don’t leave space between paragraphs - If you’re citing something that’s more than 3 lines center it and start on a new line, also single space - Always mention who wrote the text when you mention it in an essay - Use the author’s first and last name the first time you mention the piece of literature Colloquial Terms - Don’t use in formal exercise - Lots and a lot are informal - Don’t use contractions like “didn’t” - Don’t use informal words like “things” - Got: “I got sick” = informal, “I became ill” = formal (get= to receive) Spelling & Punctuation - Always use Oxford English Dictionary Read Act 1 & 2 for Tuesday Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Takes place in 1800’s) (Writing in 1993) Women’s rights in this era: could not vote, stay at home Suffrage Movement: - movement for women to get to vote - people involved called suffragettes - seen as radical by men and women - biggest concern for English society is that women would have power and could have a say in government, this abolishes the old class structure and women will gain more power than men ENG 1000 01/10/13 -
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