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ENGL 1000

Note 3 01/17/13 ENG 1000 Collective Nouns E.g: university, society Mrs. Warren’s Profession Act 1 Character exposition When talking about character analysis we need to take what they say and wade it against social norms Social Norms? Vivvie - Slightly masculine • Independent • Higher education • Way she walks, talks • Way she carries herself (business-like) • Devoid of emotion (pragmatic), not romantic • Likes to hunt Mr.Praed - Free-willing, romantic - Loves nature, art - Calls himself an anarchist - 50 years old Croft - Gentleman, doesn’t work for living but he invests his money - Boastful, concerned with how other people view him more-so than how he actually is - Views women as an accessory or display piece, or a good investment - Women are commodities for him Note 3 01/17/13 ENG 1000 - Uses people for his own pride and financial gain Mrs. Warren (Kitty) - 40-50 - Self-made women who comes from a very poor background - Liz gets kitty into prostitution - Business-like woman - Absent for much of her daughter’s life - Dresses provocatively - Has a fantasy about her motherly-image, wants to provide for Vivvie but is she doing it for appearance or because she loves her daughter? - Liz - Mistress, travels from man to man Frank - Extremely attached to Vivvie - Egotistic, not wealthy or has a means to become wealthy - Has no drive, doesn’t want to work - Gambler - Womanizer Reverend Gardner - Son has no respect for him, calls him the roman father - “pater familias” – guy who makes the decisions, guy who everyone else detests - Unsuited to be a clergyman because he may have slept with mrs.warren and vivvie may be his daughter, he buys his sermons, he drinks heavily, says he was forced into the church - Mrs. Warren has a stack of love letters from gardner (p.229) “knowledge is power, and I never sell power” Note 3 01/17/13 ENG 1000 Possibly Themes - Inequity between the sexes, a social hypocrisy (everyone needs to be seen has
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