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ENGL 1000

01/24/13 Note 5 ENG 1000 3 Types of Voice - Active: one in which the subject of the sentence is either doing an action, has done an action or is going to do an action. - Passive: something the action is being done to (“Mistakes were made.”) - Subjunctive: wish/desire (“I wish I were there.”) Ireland in Middle Ages & Shaw - Originally all of Ireland are catholic, some Irish some English - More and more English live in Ireland, and become known as the “middle nation” because Ireland is their home land, but they are English - Potato Famine - When Becket is writing it takes place during the “troubles” of Ireland - Lots of social protest in Shaw’s writing - 1922, Spring Uprising, the beginning of the Irish war of independence Sam Becket - Problems with his mother which cause him to have psychological issues - His works all show psychological problems - Existentialism: what it means to exist and how we can find meaning in life simply from existence. - Concentrates on things human beings can’t know (the reason for loss or indirection) - Published first in 1952 - Oct 1969, won Nobel prize for literature Wait
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