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Lecture 7

ENGL 2103 Lecture 7: Crackpot (Pt. 1)
ENGL 2103 Lecture 7: Crackpot (Pt. 1)

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Carleton University
ENGL 2103
Henderson Jennifer

Crackpot by Adele Weisman Weisman: Jewish immigrant Published 1974 Time: Right before/beginning of WWI Genre: Bildungsroman Is the characters inside being reconciled with the outside world Body of Female Protagonist: Emphasis on Hoda being fat Hoda doesn't apologize for her “fleshy presence” Hoda and Family: Italics on first page: Hoda is presented in kin First scene Hoda is figuratively attracted to her mother as she is being carried around as a baby Pg 5: Hoda’s dad’s stories From the beginning Hoda is filled with knowledge about family and heritage: might be a novel about how to keep the knowledge not gain new knowledge Jewish diaspora in Winnipeg: Jewish ghetto Polgrum Hoda’s family is doubly marginalized: the father is blind and the mother has one shoulder higher than the other (hunchback); also extreme polverty Immigration and Integration: Switches at chapter 2 Description of how Hoda’s parents are seen Pg 9: Hoda’s dad explains the immigration for marginalized people In his blindness he sees only people’s inside Novel is critical of the integration of immigrants in the new world Hoda’s Father: Pg 6/7, 13 “only a child or a fool would see the world this way”: question whether Danile is a fool or wise He is a more holy man: does he have desire knowledge? Pg 5 “seems": sees pain as a gift The nature of his knowledge: able to get past how things appear Paradox in Danile’s way of understanding the world Father’s Story: Family story: an origin story/creation myth Story of his marriage: draws out philosophical significance Suffering: when you feel like you are suffering, dying, disintegrating is a moment of rebirth (new cycle of life) They are married in the village at a time of plague Their marriage is to be looked after by the village community: the other villagers left them on their own
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