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Carleton University
ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

Chapter 16 on Sentence Structure/Chapter 15 on Syntax Related and work together Originally supposed to be 8 parts of speech Word classes classify lexicon Comprised of category of words. All have similar syntax/morphological uses Subject, verb, adj? Nouns: -Morphology -Derivational morphology -Suffix like on pg 208 blue box -Take these, but not other derivational suffixes -Nouns can be plural or genitive -Verb cannot be inflected (not true of oldE) -Nouns tend to be subjects of clauses, similar syntactic function, can be objects of prepositions -I am a professor. =A compliment. Not the subject, restate it -Noun phrase needs to have a noun. Can be preceded by a determiner -In classes, can take a determiner -Nouns can be proper or common -Count/non-count nouns (undifferentiated mass, like: butter, music, advice) -Abstract/concrete -Observable/measurable vs unobservable -Bottom pg 208=proper nouns -don’t usually allow plural whereas common nouns usually do -can create kinds of phrases that work in certain context -209 count/non count nouns Pronouns -can stand in for a noun or whole noun phrase -fred->he/him -my favourite uncle form Toronto->he/him -can fulfil similar positions as nouns -as a compliment=that’s me/it is I -can’t be modified -have different subject/object forms -gender, object, person -210=types of pronouns -often end in self Adj -before noun it modifies -if occurs before noun, considered attributive -=attribute of noun -can occur after verb to be in its predicative function -preceded by intensifiers (like very. That dog is very big) -can add -er to adj -if add ly to many adj, can become adv -needs to have attributive/predicated functions or else called peripheral -211-> utter/loath peripheral -off to the side of the word class. Not typical -if ends in ly, ing, or ed, likely adj -ied –ing could be adj or verb -why participle has fallen out with linguists -nouns sometimes used like adj (garde
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