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Carleton University
ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

Essay questions on final. Pick kinds of evidence you would like to discuss. For this second test, 75 questions. Old e, eme, pde. 10 true or false 20 random multi choice List of 20 features of earlier form of eng. Pick is old e, mod e, all of the above 25 multi choice on 5 passages. Most have gone over in class. Don’t really need the evidenve b/c if about word order, know talking about syntax. Use evidence where useful for you, but can rely on own knowledge. Mark version number on scantron Lexicon, think about lexical continuity. Exist in past, still exist in later. Where did our words today come from? Where do borrowings come from—external history of language. OldE old norse borrowings, middle French, EME latin/greek->inkhorn terms means too geeky/unnecessary. Fastest lexical growth during EME. Dictionaries. Phonology, great vowel shift. Close correspondence to spelling/sound. Spelling becomes increasingly wacky. Caxton solidifies some of these. Some consonant sounds, new phonemes and development. Interdental fricatives=allophones of same phoneme. became separate phonemes. Velar nasal. Think of context of sounds, ex ja=palatization, f and v sounds, in old E, pretty predictive when these would happen. Some feats early orthography, long S stayed same. U and v remain interchangeable. Runic letters in old e, replaced by digraphs by Normans after 1066. Thorn squashed into y shape but sticks around. Semantic change on case by case basis. talking abo
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