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ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

-Frank’s casket pg 9. Runes -Riddle in OldE. Made out of bones from a whale that got beached. -Layland story=imp!! -Story of 3 wisemen=men on the box. Above heads, rune of inscription th -Orig alphabet in 5 cent for OldE. Not used frequently, mostly inscriptions. Year 597 imp because of Pope Greg. Sent Augustine of Canterbury. First people able to write OldE down. Missionaries used latin alphabet to write down OldE. -Added some runic letters for sounds less familiar. Kept some runes. Thorn Ev, ash, when. See page 17 to see old alphabet -Rules of OldE quite easy. Just a couple of old letter combination need to learn. For the shh sound, put an sc together (ex scip for ship) -ex of an orthographic change -ecg=edge -hecg=hedge -didn’t have letter q, quoi sound with a cwen (queen) -cwic=quick -cyning=king -cild=child -cu=cow -c=cha when spelled with an i -g=gah sound unless before i -gold=gold -gield=yield -oldE always written by hand. All monks trained to have same handwriting. Called anglo saxon square miniscule. Did not tend to capitalize, punctuation was light, spacing messed up, punctuation not regulated. Books were rare and meant to be read. If you’re reading outloud,
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