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Carleton University
ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

Different varieties of Canadian English Social pressure not to sound American Regional varieties (New Found Land) 111 circle of world English 343 dialects 340-colour vs color Cbc globe and mail 94-95 where loyalists came from and where they went “r” Wanted to sound diff than US neighbors Desirability influences use-> sound less American Social dialect: people who speak standard English, well off economically and educated. Shared by educated, wealthy people across the country 298-315, 306-311 Semantic differences between north American history as a whole Pants vs trousers Lexical differences are more significant Two separate words that are used 309 corresponding columns of lexical items Accent is only phonological and only refers to certain features. Dialect is different. Accent can still speak standard English. Dialect is diff More like American English, but obviously some exceptions Loan words tends to add this a sound that would be ah sound in American English Stress differences RP=standard british GA=genera
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