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ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

Tenses: -present tense/past tense -add e to form past dense -disclaimers (ex. Irregular verbs) -never had inflected future tense Pg 224 -instead of having future tense, use will, shall, or ‘ll -is the action complete, or still in progress? Progressive progress? (ex. Have been jumping, will be jumping, will be jumping tomorrow) -active voice (225) Ends discussion of phrases Sentences syntax -some have more than one clause -subordinanting, co-ordinating clauses -226 yellow box -subordinating conjunction -coodrinating conju=and (most popular) -sometimes frowned upon -pg 232 -connectivity -39 Canterbury tales What pronoun forms are familiar->his An s to make plural, -ed Hath no longer used Subject verb object. Don’t have array of ending to show grammatical relationships. Chaucer has more options Soote=sweet Aux verbs after main verbs Verb object subject, need to rearrange to understand review Morphology, syntax Lexical, semantic, orthographic, phonological, external history Lexical continuity from Canterbury tales April, showers, etc. Don’t refer to Zephirius (cultural reasons. External hist of lang) Semantic change. Fowls, not small songbirds-> specialization Inspired used to mean to breath into Spelling of april has changed. Only has one L now Light punctuation Root, root. Great vowel change. Now sounds diff. ->phonological Different examples of language change (external) -scantron exam -t/f -multi choice -75 questions -handouts -quizzes -last quiz=good morphology, phonolog
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