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ENGL 3007
Andrew Wallace

Browning, Book 2 Distinct language changes between the language (perspective) in Books 1 and 2. Book 2: the importance of fact and fantasy to all speakers. Factum: a made thing. Making facts out of "fantasy". The poet is a maker. What is truth and what is fiction? Book 1: l 45, p4: the book is pure crude fact. line 86. l 117:the truth is something that you can master and be owner of. The truth can be manipulated: related to Pompilia's trials and tribulations. Fantasies can be squeezed from the truth. Reading the book as he walks: as a questing hero: wandering among things for sell: trying to continue reading and delve into the past while amongst the present, bustling world. Bringing new material to the raw material: work it into some beautiful object. line 478: free himself from the story: the free act of the poet: he can just step away from it and work the story into his own story. He has the freedom which Pompilia does not have. l 501: the imagined world of the past set of facts. 523: seeing things "with his own eyes" which are not possible; he is in a vision of how things were: he can "see" the town where these events unfolded. The power of imagination and source material for creating a world for the reader. 569: seeing the victims. 577. The sense of a departure from the book itself into a new set of fantasies. • Book 2 • Book 2 TTalking about honour. VViolentay: a name that suggest a violent story. AAlready citing rumour of what happened to the bodies. WWhere they are? the church where the parent's bodies in the church. ll. 17: the scene. describing the laying out of the bodies (Pompilia is somewhere else "dying". She actually lives long enough to give a testimony). The speaker and addressee are together in th
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