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Carleton University
ENGL 3007
Andrew Wallace

Wallace Stevens Sunday Morning: Awoman who is not at work. Her mind is wandering in and out of religious topics. Trying to imagine a life untouched by an organized sunday morning, specifically around religion. Captures a lot of problems that are alive in the shorter poems in Harmonium and his dominant themes: his interest in the search for "supreme fiction". Imagining the creation of a myth that could hold the mind, and fascinate.Activate passions without demanding that we lie to ourselves as to its status as anything more than fiction. I: Dreaming about something: a fiction, yet it is related to reality "the day is like wide water". Both a dream and a fact. Oranges: they are a real and tangible object, yet she is falling into a dream which has pungent oranges: Oranges: they are a real and tangible object, yet she is falling into a dream which has pungent oranges: more vivid than the reality. Immediate, sensual things, contrasted with distant, imagined things: i.e. Palestine. The passing of the influence of religion. Image of the sun: typically associated with God: time has worn away at the old mythology. Colourful fruits and exotic birds: an export from the East (like the export of religious mythology) to the West. The importance of Florida to Stevens: to him a faraway, exotic place, that is still close enough to be accessible. She wants to feel what is real: not the mysticism of religion. People on the streets are on their way to Church: she has absented herself from the order of an ordinary Sunday morning. She has
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