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ENGL 3007
Andrew Wallace

Wallace Stevens The numbered poems given to us (really more like a group of poems; not stanzas or sections), move us to recognize a sequence which implies development. IE: Man with the blue guitar: multiple takes/attempts to do things over. Number 33: mimicking Dante's Inferno: he divides the divine comedy into 3 sections. Relation between physical and spiritual world.An attempt to renegotiate a relation to reality. • The Idea of Order at Key West: Is the women an aspect of the speaker or physical? Tie between reality and imagination. Relation between spirit and body. We have a singing spirit figure (a disembodied thing), and her voice and song is interacting with an inverse ghost: the sea. It is not a spirit without body, but a body wholly body. What is fluttering? the voice or the ocean? Body rather than spirit: the sea not as spirit. Produces sound and motion, yet is utterly different than the voice that runs over it. Relation to theatre: the sea was not a mask. The ever-hooded, tragic-gestured sea; the meaningless plungings of water and the wind, theatrical distances. Theatron: seeing-space. Masks used for tragedy and comedy in Greece. He is developing and recurring to a set group of ideas: trying to find a new language for what he expresses at the end of the Snow Man. (The sound of the land, sound of nothing, the sound moving FOR THE LISTENER): here the voice and ocean is for the listener. Imprint the language of theatre on the world; a performance for the benefit of the eye of the perceiver.A sense of intimacy: cooperative engagement between material world and the self: matter and spirit. • 597: have I lived a skeleton's life? About touching things. Trope our relation to the world as an intimacy. Imagine a life of the imagination as being counter-intuitively diminished/impoverished. The fear that the focus on reality and subjectivity leads one to lead a skeleton's life and not to appreciate materiality. we are the makers of the world that we live: worry about what that does to the rest of the world and the world around him/people around him. Ramon Fernandez: Stevens assures us that this is not a real person: two common spanish n
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