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Lecture 10

ENSC 2001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Saltwater Intrusion, Urban Runoff, Water Purification

Environmental Science
Course Code
ENSC 2001
Quentin Gall

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ENSC 2001 A
Lecture 10
December 7th, 2015
Surface Water Pollution
1. Point sources of pollution
1. Point sources are discrete, confined and more readily identifiable
2. Common sources: Landfills, discharge from wastewater treatment, discharge from industries,
power plants, storm water runoff etc.
1. Non point sources pollution
1. Nonpoint sources are difficult intermittent and hard to specifically identify
2. Causes of nonpoint pollution often regional cumulative and compound
3. Builds up over time so its cumulative
4. Pollutants can be from various
5. Common sources: urban runoff (industrial runoff but can also be in rural areas),
6. Agriculture (volumetrically largest sources)
7. Mining (acid rain and acid damage)
Surface Water treatment
8. Build: containment ditches, settling ponds, natural filtration systems (move that water through
and filter it)
9. Ground water pollution is a big concern
10. Water purification plants
Groundwater Pollution and Treatment
1. GW pollution vs. surface water pollution
1. Residence time difference
2. Environmental conditions: flow rate, dissolved oxygen, sunlight
3. Harder to track: pollution sources
4. More difficult and expensive to clean up
5. May pose lung-term risks
Groundwater Pollution
6. Via
1. Plumes of pollution: from surface water sources
2. Subsurface: human activity for example, under ground mining that chemicals can get in the
groundwater, or underground storage tanks of rupture and leaked material, water can also be
polluted from waster disposals
3. Lateral saltwater intrusion result from over-pumping of ground water near coastal areas and
lets saltwater migrates and intrudes through the well if you have over-pumping. Salt water
contamination of ground water can also result from marine flooding of the coastal surfaces
GW Treatment
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