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Lecture 20

FILM 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Cannes Film Festival, Denis Villeneuve, Auteur Theory


Film Studies
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FILM 1000
Jose Sanchez

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Contemporary Quebec Cinema II - The Director as Auteur
Cultural identity
Identity is a production that is never complete, that is always in process, it is always evolving.
Always constituted from within, not outside, representation. It is a very abstract term.
Cultural identity has two types:
o Homogeneous identity is the idea of one shared culture. It is a collective one true self. We
all have the same identity in general.
o Heterogeneous identity has critical points of similarity and critical points of significant
differences. The differences constitute what we really are or rather what we have become.
Cultural identity is a matter of being as well as of becoming.
When we talk about cultural identity we are talking about the unstable points of identification
made within the discourses of history and culture. Culturally, we evolve. There are many factors
that influence our understanding of both the identities. Cultural identity is not an essence but a
Discourses are constructed through memory, fantasy, narrative, and myth.
Canadian cinema
The geographical situation. Canada is more vulnerable to Hollywood influence and domination.
Historically, Canadian cinema has been called the invisible cinema. Because of our powerful
neighbour, our cinema has always been quite distinctive. Filmmakers resign themselves to
Hollywood domination. They make more personal films. Films that are not driven by commercial
impulses but by personal impulses.
The issue of bilingualism. The films that are produced in Quebec are different from Hollywood in
Always due to the influence of Hollywood cinema, it makes filmmakers take two approaches:
o Make films against American culture. Personal films.
o Move to Hollywood and make films there.
There is a problem in the film industry. Films come from these industries.
Minor cinemas have a certain specificity. The audience is primarily local and not global.
Auteur theory means that the binary oppositions that Hollywood filmmakers explore tend to be
universal themes for a global audience.
Filmmakers from minor cinemas, although they also deal with universal films, ten to include much
more specific topics appealing to their local audience.
Canadian formal concerns
Diversity in film practice. Both in feature and in shorts. Experimental films, animation films,
sometimes a combination of two of the multiple types of films.
Narrative. Transgeneric and mixture of practices. A combination without a complete freedom.
Create their ow ieati fors. They do’t follow the estalished sheas.
Tend to be more open and ambiguous in their endings. They are more concerned about giving the
audience something to think about.
Because we are invisible, we have become quite distinct. Allows freedom in the aesthetic
Denis Villeneuve
Born in Quebec.
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