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Carleton University
First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1209
Christine Koggel

FYSM Jan 28 Exam Layout: • 25% of final grade • Section A – 5 points each (will give 8 review questions) o 3 questions (out of 4 or 5) o Short essay answers – 16 min • Section B – 10 points (Longer essay answer – things common or to many of the readings) o 1 question – 32 min o Compare and analyse the authors Annan: • Let’s look ahead of what the UN can do about oppressing o 2015 – goal was cut in half the proportion the numbers of people living in extreme poverty o Only hope of sig. reducing poverty – sustained income growth  How? – expanding access to the opportunities of globalization is one way ***  Do people know what that means? • Poor country (high poverty) • Economic - access to global/multinational markets (cross boarder flow) • Allow companies to open in poor countries (jobs) o Arguments for:  Can provide jobs where there are none  Reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty  We might need international labour law regulations that monitor what multinational corporations are doing to the poor people • But may need to monitor working conditions • People hold hope that the UN can stop a free for all o Can have a role in respect to positive measures (Health, education)  Can provide opportunities for women • Challenge gender norms • Address gender inequalities • Empowering women to have a voice  The consumer has a role • Boycott sweatshops – I won’t buy your product if you are hiring children to make the product o Arguments against:  Power of rich countries and multinationals to set the terms • We want cheap labour – I don’t care what your company does to our land, just as long as you give us jobs  Loss of jobs through outsourcing (possible)  Exploitation – most disadvantaged, you know they need jobs, so you exploit them • Conditions of work – hours are long, no bathroom breaks • Other countries will tolerate  Not the only way - states – health, education  Globalization also utilizes and exploits the already disadvantages • Recruit women, the rural poor and race (they will take the job no matter what) • Discrimination • o Pg. 370 – not sufficient conditions – successfully engaging in the global economy Kersteter (Po
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