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First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1209
Christine Koggel

FYSM Jan 30 • It is crucial to know the facts – data, factual analysis o Moral assessment o Philosophers ought to use this data to articulate a moral argument o It’s not just ‘let’s get it in the charter’ – right to life  Committed to the importance to the right  Fundamental articulated im portance Jeremy Waldron – Homelessness (section B q 2) • Describes his argument as abstract o This may be an argument for philosophers – talk about liberty as a principle o He wants to uncover a tension in liberal theory  Negative rights – our understanding of liberty rights  He wants to do this in the case of US – homelessness 3 million people  Libertarian • No state interference with individual liberty o We ought to learn about what it’s like to be homelessness  Eye-opening –challenges your views on homelessness • Experiences people actually have • Aboriginal • Don’t have access to clean water o Pg 331 col. 2 (negative freedom)  Allow those to act those as public agents – deeply frightening fact  No we are not willing in this pred. to look after their own needs o Invisibility  Policies in place  Lack of voice and power to change  Problem of homelessness has not been solved • He works with: o Property  Private • Owned – places where owner decides who is there and who uses property • 80% of all the space of the US – Depends wh
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