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First-Year Seminars
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Christine Koggel

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FYSM Feb 13 Patrick Nowell-Smith YES • Do we have a right to die at a time and matter of our own choice? o He says: it has a moral element for the right to die o Practical argument (Legal side)  Assisted suicide are all forbidden by law  Passive euthanasia is legal o Can we justify changing the law? o Moral arguments:  Rights-based • Right to life (Somerville- invioble, activity of life) • Right to decide (autonomy principle) • The right not to be killed o Peter Singer – in favour of active euthanasia  Utilitarianism – calculation based on maximizing happiness • Suffering is relevant “I’m suffering, I want to die, I’m not happy” • Cost-benefit analysis • Since the baby cannot decide, end the life, save money, no suffering o He thinks that this should not be the case, she should be able to decide if she lives or dies o Peter singer – against active euthanasia  Law – no active  1) medical profession (Somerville) • NS – Netherlands – strict guidelines  2) Lawyer • We know it happens but we aren’t going to do anything about it • Changing a law (blind-eye) • Thinking through – if we change the law there will be mistakes and abuses o Cures – not overnight • It is against popular opinion o Guidelines –  It has to be the voluntary expression from the patient  The expression has to be for reasons of suffering over time  Diagnosis of 2 doctors or teams – determination that their life will end soon Assignment – Rock – don’t give all details of what she says about Daly – how is it relevant – make connections between Daly and as a measurement and rock
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