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Carleton University
First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1209
Christine Koggel

th FYSM March 6 Reproductive Technologies Sherwin: • No one is looking at the women’s lives • Shift of focus to a relational kind of approach – all the focus is on the fetus o Takes the focus from the status of the fetus and the women’s decision • She says if a catholic church pays more attention to single mothers, teenagers o Still have access to health care and education o They will be less likely to go through with an abortion Shanner and Nisker: • 3 part – Policy might be implied in the article • They want us to focus on assisted reproductive technologies o Range of technologies – always changing and expanding • They are pointing us to the range of choice and other ethical issues o Potentially 5 parents for one kid – contribute to the creation of a child  Surrogacy, Carrying the embryo, sperm is donated o If you have these technologies and the contribute to the gender norms – ethics • Ethics o Look at several different aspects  1) family relationships • Offspring is the most vulnerable o Ethical question – who has the legal rights? Courts o Challenges social, legal historical norms o We don’t have the social and legal back up • Questions about donor anonymity o Leads to vulnerability
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