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Lecture 5

GEOG 1020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Military Exercise, Evry, GovernmentalityPremium

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GEOG 1020
schmidt Jeremy

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Week 5
270 year movie:
- Largest canadian military exercise all over a golf course
- Barriers were moved closer into Oka once the bridge block was taken
- Created a power dynamic shift between Mohawks and Military
Settler colonialism & politics of place  not an event a structure
- Recall dispossession: how does it produce particular geographies?
- What does it mean to say settler colonialism is an ongoing process
The state
Mohawk & Canadian solider image
- Max weber: a state is a human community that (successfully) claims
that monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given
- MONOPOLY- all of it
- Sole legitimacy of use of physical force
Where is the state?
- exist spatially, through practices that produce particular geographies,
( particular social & political representations of space)
Legal Geographies| - Park Bench
[ arm rests to prevent homeless people
** Governmentality: the conduct of conduct:- MITCHELL FOUCAULT
PANOPTICON= prison- idea that allways being watched
Result in people to conduct themselves di9erently
1) Rationality= don’t let them legible to the state
2) Technologies= know-how to work in space
3) Mental- mentalility in a certain place ex. Sports events begin with
-symbology of space
- Grant cutes tree
- Warned for people to have justice as result of state but as others as
well by changing by behaviour
Generation cange in space that children experience
Symbolic Power
- Practices through which social, political or moral orders become
accepted at legitmate
Can change it
to create a
province, plot
of land etc.
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