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Lecture 11

GEOG 1020 Lecture 11: 1020-Week 11

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GEOG 1020
schmidt Jeremy

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Week 11 March 23, 2016 ‘Sweetness and Power’ -early formations of industrial capitalism -pg. 63 quote [they say the Germans…}  see the idea that even if slavery makes sugar bad , the British maintain that they can refine it and can produce a product good enough for consumption How did they push sugar consumption? Symbolic power -the power to structure the ways in which we think about, and accept as legitimate different social, political or moral orders Main points 1. Distinction( how do we mark differences in space) and social space 2. Labour, consumption and space Distinction and Social space We are very familiar with marks of distinction in social spaces. Ex. Rock cliff is known as a wealthy neighbourhood because Prime minister lives there, size of houses,  establishing distinction depends on the social relations being structured in a particular way it also depends on social space being seen as legitimately ordered in that way Devils wear prada video of fashion and anne hathaways blue colour Object of the distinction? The blue sweater Social space ordering distinction? New York magazine office Social conditions : the fashion industry Now think of Mintz What are the object of distinction? Sugar What is the social space ordering distinction? The different continents How does that space structure relatio
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