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Lecture 2

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Carleton University
GEOG 2200

Week 1Lecture 2The drivers that I spoke about last Tuesday impact onThe structure and organization of economic activity globallyState structure and activitiesHow each of us engages with othersHow we as individual organize the world geographicallyToday we will consider these last two topicsDe Blij writes that global humanity is organized into three categories1Globals2Locals3Mobals How does he define each of these Globals are not simply the elites of the world they are the people living in what we understand as the North the Developed We are the globals the fortunate minority in control of in the path of or with access to the mainstreams of modernization p5 We are the recipients of the benefits gained from the dynamics of globalization As de Blij writes On average being born in the core confers certainties and opportunities unavailable in the periphery p17Locals are the poorest least mobile and most susceptible to the impress of place p5 They are the masses of humanity found in the rest of the world And it is these individuals who already outnumber the fortunate globalsand who will increasingly outnumber globals through population growthMobals are the risktakers migrants willing to leave the familiar to take a chance on new and different surroundings their actions ranging from legal migration to undocumented border crossing their motivations from employment to asylum They move as highly trained professionals and as unskilled workers as doctors and domestic workers as bankers and bricklayers p6 Mobals are not transnational refugees driven out by conflict or environmental refugees driven out by natural disasters prolonged drought rising sea levels they are drawn by perceptions of opportunity and realities of need p6They are not people who relocated domesticallyTo de Blij p4 we are all bound to place all of us are blessed as well as burdened by the baggage of placeour place of birth our mother tongue of belief systems and conditions of health of environmental norms and political circumstancesThe mobals challenge existing stability Mobals are transnational migrants that is they cross international bordersthey are agents of change p6 and they challenge the power of place carrying with them the assets and liabilities of locality and competing in new and unfamiliar environs for livelihood and security p6The Unevenness of ConnectivityRemember in the introductory lecture I spoke of uneven development as being one dimension of geographic inquiry when looking at global connections This is very apparent when you look at maps of transportation and communication infrastructure
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