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Carleton University
HIST 1001
Hal Goldman

Athens: Pursuit of personal excellence, mind and body. -They were a freewheeling society: Politics culture and philosophy were open -Lack of oppression meant that they were able to accomplish so much so fast -Own contribution to society -6 century BC Athens based on free male citizens (the most powerful and influential) -Thucydides was famous just as Pericles was. -> 430 BC, gave a commemoration speech of the fallen men during the Peloponnesian war -Athenian democracy vs. Spartan military -Power in many hands rather than few -Public service was an award of merit rather than punishment -There was no exclusion in public life: even the homeless had a place -Added to the strength of the polis -> All the men were valued -Men did not neglect the state: They also helped in the household -We can think before we act -Athens was different because all men were a part of society and had a say -> Ex. Mesopotamia : “hey, why don’t I have a say”-> person would have been executed on the spot -Everyone wants to participate. Any man who refused to participate is frowned upon. -> Democracy and power is grounded in man and human, not superficial powers -> Authority to govern comes from men -Only native born men could be citizens of Athens -No foreigners allowed, no women (they were to be confided in the home) -Slaves had almost no rights and could be tortured -The Dorians had ancestry to late coming Greeks -650 bc (75 years) Messians rebelled against the Spartans -> Based their society on slavery. They made their fellow greeks slaves -Militaries, hyper tensioned Sparta -> Meant that there w
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