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Carleton University
HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

Depicting Sanitation Issues The Structure of Mass Society -the existence of wealthy elite -who formed the elite (people who rose from middle class) -the middle-class (doctors, nurses, teachers, shop keepers, artisans, etc) (frugal lifestyle very often. Preached these values to upper and lower classes) -characterized by diversity -new professionals -white collar workers -Shared common lifestyle and values -preached worldview to upper and lower classes (meritocracy, wastefulness, frugal lifestyle instead of frivolous. Educational about alcoholism and violence etc) -Victorian Britain a model middle-class society -the lower classes (urban poor, industrial workers. Instead of rural peasantry. Dramatic change in European society. Increasingly conscious of place in society. Threatens upper and middle class) Labour party developed Crowded streets, advertising (modern advertising). Consumerism BIG in Europe. Mass marketing and advertising. RISE OF MASS SOCIETY Ideal family: mother alone with children, well dressed and proper with free time The social democrats -rise of working class adn socialist parties -middle class retreats form overcrowded cities -“urban villages” -gender roles -german social democratic party (spd) -most successful european socialist party. Formed after otta van bismark. Rise in lesser developed areas, but mostly in the industrial centres because more people could be reached. Social democrat and labour parties created, more radical than they are now of course. Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD) -August Bebel -legalization-1890 -bismark dismissed -socialist laws overturned -banned socialist meetings and trade unions -shut down 45 newspapers -evolution vs. Revolution -eduard Bernstein -german trade unions Went after Catholics (allegiance to pope, and therefore not loyal to only the country. The pope created papal falipabillity (sp) the pope is always correct about religion and morality...ex cathedra which made the pope seem more threatening to Bismark. Religious instruction changed, or schools closed) and socialists Laws overturned. Denied ability for SPD to organize. Shut down 45 left wing papers Idea of evolution (more moderate. Increase support across classes. If accused of being too slow or not going to implement ideas, can say slowly but surely. Have to appeal to certain generations of youth.) vs. Revolution (radical and left wing) dividing the SPD party. Moderate left with party Britain’s Labour Movement -radicalization of trade union movement -unions watned to organize all male workers -opposition to unionization of women -“family wage” -general strikes -labour party formed in 1900 -labour rep committee -no actual membership at the time. “club” formed by intellectuals -ineffective in elections partially because of radicalism -cooperated with liberal governments from 1906 to 1914 to make it seem more mainstream (ex liberals.) part due to this that it becomes seen as a more moderate gov. -ramsay macdonald forms first labour government in 1924 -minority gov, falls in months (6-7 months, but still a landmark moment) Fear was if women were in the labour union, supply and demand. Wages will go down, and don’t have to pay women as much. Racist in Canada, threat of wages that will go down. Male workers need to be able to support entire family. “living wage” making a little more than minimum wage Unions: general strikes (everyone goes on strike) CAN COLLAPSE A GOVERNMENT. Everyone in society can feel it. Dreyfus Affair -Dreyfus Affair-1894 -Patriotic officer -jewish origins th (an officer in the French military at end of the 19 . He was jewish, and bothered the nationali
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