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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

History Nov 11 Nazism in the 1930’s -Churches -Protestant churches split -“German Christians” -Confessing Church (like catholic school board) -Dietrich Bonhoeffer -original Nazi plan to install a Reich Bishop -Resistances to restructuring of confessional schools -Catholic Concordat of July 1933 (5 months after Hitler became leader) -Catholic protests (saved itself instead of standing up for ethical issues. Later protest; sterilization and discrimination against “lesser” peoples) Nazism in the 1930j’s -Jewish Policy -boycotts -Nuremberg Laws of 1935 (defines who is and isn’t a Jew/what to do about them. Strips Jews of citizenship, now called nationals. Prohibits intermarriage, revokes citizenship) -Kristallnacht -Nov 1938 -what did “ordinary” Germans think about the Nazi discrimination of Jewish communities? Nazi Foreign Policy -revision of Versailles (changing/ignoring it) -Austria -Creation of satellite states -France (how to deal with France, long standing animosity) -Russia (makes deal with Stalin) -World domination -Diplomacy and rearmament (Churchill calls him out) -With drawl from the League of Nations -Bilateral agreements with national governments (opposed to multilateral. Ex Cananda and US or Canada and US with many other nations) Lead up to WWII -Rome-Berlin Axis -Ribben trop -The Anschluss -Little Austrian Resistance -What was the European response? -Crisi
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