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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

-stalin was not his real name, it was Djugasvilli (sp) -he was Georgian -means man of steel -was a minority, so needed to change his name if he ever wanted followers -originally, stalin wanted to be a priest -something went wrong and started to follow communism -was the party “badboy” -escaped from jail 7 times, out of 8 arrests -he was too crude, limited education. Lenin had a different style than stalin. -takes 6-7 years to consolidate power (undisputed leader) -very backwards in comparison to most of western Europe -far behind and needed to catch up -modernization -wanted to introduce machinery -many 5 year plans -everything nationalized -state that decides how much of anything is produced (at all costs) -Gosplan -how can demand be determined? -MAJOR shortages->hardships -supply/demand out of whack -more 5 year plans -working conditions deteriorate -factories shut down to wait for machinery—unproductive -people not trained--dangerous -machines damaged->repairs -managers of factories killed for “espionage” but really, they deliberately underproduced to injure the state -salaries were extremely low-> couldn’t buy a lot for the wage -housing was often shared-> people forced to share homes -
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