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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

History Notes Dec. 2, 2011 Define 10 of the 15 people, things, events..etc. 50 percent of the exam Concise answers. 2-3 good sentences. 4 concrete facts. Give info relevant to the info we’ve been studying. Complete sentences. Who why where how. Not huge on the dates. Give time period. Need to know the dates of WWI, WW2, day Hitler came to power, date for invasion of Poland, Russian Revolution Paris-peace treaties that characterized politics in the interim period. Why was it significant, etc. NOT fashion capital Woodrow Wilson-league of nations, etc. Provisional government-admin in Russia, temporary in between rulings. Watned to create a non-authoritarian system. One of the big problems was that it didn’t end the war. Russia was still involved thereafter in WWI Octavia Hill: Not on exam, but one of the obscure names. Built social houses at end of th 19 century to allow for better living conditions. End of the Victorian Era. Wanted to play a role in society and address social ills (PEOPLE IN RELATION TO BIGGER THEMES) Terms covered in lectures!! Essay: TEXT important Repeating things/people=one of the following 3 questions will appear on your exam. Essay question (online) How did it become genocidal. What kind was there before the war? Ghetto-ization. Religious Anti-Semitism. NOT based
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