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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

Instability in Italy -Christian Democrats dominated -Alcide De Gasperi -lack of unifying national leader -revolving-door governments -Amintore Fanfari -“opening to the left” -The extreme right -monarchists and Neo-Fascists -Christian Democratic soul-searching -severe economic problems -country divided between agrarian/industrial (south vs north) -severe economic problems Strong left and right -commie party does well nationally, municipally. Rare -euro communism Dicatorshhip in Spain and Portugal -authoritarian, conservative regimes -staunchly anti-commie -tolerated dictatorship because helping fight communism -don’t want regime changed because might threaten this -Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (rotten apple in west Europe) -led Portugal from 32-68 -a “mild” dictator. Not like Stalin or Hitler -implemented some elements of democracy, but not enough to outs him -dictatorships start to fall in hard economic times, not often speak out when times are good -economic problems -widespread poverty and undernourished pop -Marcelo Caetano -Antonio de Spinola -“junta of national salvation” -Portugal gives up Mozambique and Angola (1974) -one of last players of colonialism -member of EU, get lots of funds to help under developed country. Help Portugal/Spain. Helped Ireland a LOT Iberian Dictatorship -Francisco Franco***exam -widespread poverty was major concern -people not happy but economic problems bother people more than dictatorship -still some challenges to his rule. Ex. Army/police. Some of his generals would rather take over. Monarchists would like to take over. A prince takes over. Land owners not happy -move towards more powerful monarchy -problems with student protests. Happening all over the world too. Regional problems. Basques and Catalans. Basques want to be own people. Terrorism in spain because of this. Very unhappy -collapses when Franco dies and moves towards EU
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