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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

Czechoslovakia -centralization angers Slovak commies -Alexander Dubcek -reformist/nationalist communist -strongly opposed Novotyny -slovak reformist commie -aimed to “correct the distortions of socialist legality” -economic reforms spring of 68 (called Prague Spring) -three commitments of the Dubcek gov -focus on quality of life instead of mass industrialization -promises for more regionalist independence. De-centralization of power -introduces limited freedom of speech/press -good start but needs to go further Czechoslovakia-Prague Spring -don’t want invasion so are careful and slower. Avoid any anti-soviet ads, etc -changes are not enough -Liberalization and public debate on the past -sprink 68 -reforms take full power -cautious reform aimed at avoiding what happened in 56 to hungary -avoid anti-Russian gestures -two thousand words statement-June 27 ’68 led by writers and artists. Wanted elections. Limited liberalization/democracy. Not acceptable to Brezhnev -Leonid Brezhnev -more conservative kind of leader. Where is this going? Is this going to be another Hungary? Lot of concern by 68 -leads to invasion -Czechoslovak commie party aims to democratize -soviet invasion of Czech: Aug 20 ’68 (technically warsaw pact countries that invade so no more international criticism to invade small unsuspecting country) -2 countries refused. Romania because Nikolai says no because he wants more nationalist approach and separate foreign policy. -not as bloody as 56. Want to show world that they are innocent so the world can see. Used diff methods of resistance. Took down street signs and switched them and put them to different places. This way tanks ended up at dead ends an people could attack them. End result similar to 56. Dubcek is silenced and taken away from power. Replaced by lackey of Moscow (Gustav Husak remains from 89-end of soviet) -4 failed rebellions. Overall message is that slightest rebellion leads to soviet invasion. Even if not an attack on soviet union. Any serious reformist change is prohibited. -what were the goals of the Soviet invasion in 68? -show any eastern European country that it should watch out because they can use allies and will smack down hard. Fear Moscow and neighbours. Psychological tool. -international consequences -No one in West buys that it’s not by
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