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Another TAKelly Blackkblack1connectcarletoncaTuesday 101130618 Uni CentreClass 2September2111550 PM AustroHungarian EmpireWere a significant power Had no colonies but colonize Eastern Europe itselfMajority of the population did not speak German or Hungarian Very multiculturalIt was Europes largest empire in terms of land size The Habsburg Empire 18491867Main enemies of the Habsburg MonarchyoGerman speaking LiberalsoHungarians Magyars Hungarians launched a war against Austria for independence Austria called in Russians to help them out They both shared very Conservative viewsCreation of a centralized stateoHungarian autonomy suspendedGerman becomes one languageoLatin was the official language beforeHabsburg alliesProblemsoEconomicoMilitaryLack of military disciplineTowards the 1867 CompromiseAfter 1866 Habsburgs willing to negotiateThe role of nationalismoAustrians worried about ethnic minoritiesoHungarians agree to limit sovereignty in exchange for control over their ethnic minoritiesAusgleich The compromiseoFerenc DeakoCreation of a dual monarchy AustriaHungaryWhat did AustriaHungary share in commonWhere did they exercise separate powersName of the country changed tooThe Coat of arms of the AustroHungarian Empire AustriaHungaryoHas Christian themesoKing symbolsoIndivisible and InseparableoHas angel on it
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