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Class 6October1911606 PM A bit about the 1st paperNot the summary of what happened in WWIDocument analysis essayoEx If youre writing a paper on lives of soldiers in WWI is the poem a good source of informationBenefitsProblems of using a poem as a primary source documentAnalyze what the author is saying Dont paraphrase 5 pages double spacedInclude a thesis statement intro conclusiono3 point thesis structure is preferred Poems main messageOther 2 points on the analysis of the poemProvide thoughtful criticism for a good mark The Twenties Society in the 20sDisillusionmentoWWI memorialsoTS Eliots poetryThe Waste Land 1922Ravaged society WWI horrors are looming over societyMissing generationYoung men who fought in war either died or came back upset angry at the older generation who pushed them into war They were never supported or understoodRepresentations of the WarOtto Dixs FlandersoReligionFaithKarl Barth 18861986Rudolf Bultmann 18841968Christian ExistentialismQuestioning values in societyBauhausoEffective and efficient architectureGone elaborate excessive architectureVery functional architectureoWalter Gropius 18831969 German architectoThe role of the arts in societyMachinestechnologyoA house is a machine for living in
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