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Class 4October0511635 PM 1st Response PaperWrite a review on a poem Dulce ET DecorumIs on WebCTPushed a week back to NovemberWrite how it explains history of WWIFrom the point of the historian analyze the poemCite the poem at least once or whenever there is a direct quoteoAlways use Chicago styleoName title of the book in quotation marks Toronto Company 1985oFor bibliography surname first and use periods instead of comas EntenteCentral PowersThe causes for WWIoBalkan warOttoman empire was dying the sick man of EuropeMacedonia was of interest by Greece Bulgaria SerbiaEngland tried to intervene and stop GreeceBalkans united and declared war on Ottoman EmpireTreaty of London in 1913forced Ottoman empire to collapse and divide land among other nations2nd Balkan warSerbia and Greece team up to get Macedonia Bulgaria upset due to being left out It declares war against them and losesoNationalism WWIThe system of alliancesoThe triple EntenteThe Balkan WarsNationalism in Eastern EuropeoSerbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip kills AustroHungarian kingTheobald von BethmannHollwegChancellor of GermanyoBlank ChequeoSPDdemocrats were doing well in the polls Theobald hated them and tried to stir the attention awayKaiser Wilhelm IIoWeltpolitikSeries of declarationsoWho is responsibleHelmuth bon MoltkeoSchlieffen PlanMilitary plan that said if the Germany was at War with France its best to attack to Belgium due to very dense forests
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