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HIST 1002March 28 2012Issues Confronting the Past Alexander Kosolapov LeninCocaCola 1993Museum of Communism in PragueoPoking fun at communist symbolsHouse of Terror museum in BudapestUkrainePripyatIssues European IntegrationWhat are the overarching goals of European IntegrationoThe EU as an agentpromoter of peacePromotes integration more connectionless reason to start warCommon European institutions negotiationsoThe EU as a guarantor of economic stabilityForces each country to maintain certain deficit levels3Some countries Greece break the rulesoThe EU as a democratic watchdogTo be a part of EU you have to meet certain democratic criteriaHowever the members of EU who break democratic policies will most likely not be punished Very little EU can dooThe EU as a world powerEconomic population not so big in militaryOld Europe v New EuropeoOld Europewestern Europe countriesoNew Europeformer Soviet Easter European countriesSupporter Bushs coalition of Willing against Iraq which Old Europe was very much set against
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