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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

02/12/11  Mid-term o Definitions  We will get 15 terms and you have to define 10 of them  Write 2 or 3 sentences  Provide about 4 concrete facts  Relevant information to the course  E.g. Paris  The Paris Peace treaties  What they were  Who was there  E.g. People  E.g. Woodrow Wilson o President of the United States o Founded the League of Nations o Believed in self-determination  Presented at Treaty of Versailles  E.g. Provisional Government  Temporary government after the revolution against the Tsar  Lead by Brensky  Liberal Democratic  Not looking to form authoritarian rule  Problem that it didn’t end the war  Ask who what where when how  Dates are not key  Russian Revolution, Outbreak of WW1, WW2, when Hitler came to power  E.g. Octavia Hill  British Women  Middle Class  Wanted to make working class conditions better  Built houses  Reformer  People in relation to a greater theme  50% of your grade o Exam Questions  Anti-semitism and other forms of xenophobia were prevalent at all levels of European society during the first half of the twentieth century and this latent mistrust of the “other” may have helped set the stage for the Holocaust and the relative silence of so many in Europe. What was the nature of anti-Semitism in Europe and how did it transform or evolve, starting from World War I and ending in the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945? What responsibility do “ordinary” Europeans bear in the Holocaust and how did Nazi Germany transform existing anti-Semitic sentiment into something that became genocidal? Explore at least one historical debate that historians engaged in about the nature of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in Europe, and discuss the stories of two eye-witnesses of (or participants in) this period.  Discuss why anti-Semitism became genocidal  Earlier it was religious not biological discrimination  How much did Europeans know  How did innocent citizens join in  Elie Wisel o Auschwitz holocaust survivor  Lennie Riefenstahl o Propagandist o Defensive
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