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Carleton University
HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

14/10/11  WW1 o The system of alliances  The Triple Entente  Everyone was allying themselves so they could be protected in case they were attacked o The Balkan Wars  Turkey was the ‘sick’ country because their rule was falling apart  SE Europe was trying to reline themselves  Who was involved  Turkey  Greece  Bulgaria  Macedonia  Both Greece and Bulgaria wanted Macedonia  Created violent ethnic nationalism o Nationalism in Eastern Europe  Ethnicities were growing increasingly upset  So many people wanted independent nation states  Czechs and Serbs especially  Resulted in the assassination of Ferdinand in Sarajevo  He was the heir to the Austrian thrown  Killed by Princip o Group: Black Hand  The Austrian king was already sick o Died in 1916  Opportunity for Austria to attack Serbia o Theobald van Bethmann-Hollweg  ‘Blank cheque’  Germany gave Austria whatever they wanted to completely destroy Serbia o Austria gave Serbia an ultimatum  Wanted Serbia to take complete accountability for the assassination  Wanted Serbia to give up ideas of separation  If Serbia didn’t accept there would be a war  There was a war  Why would Germany do this? o Wanted to expand o Limit Russian influence  SPD  Are gaining support and popularity in Germany  Government want the people to rally with the war o SPD are anti war o If the SPD are against the war they would be less liked o Kaiser Wilhelm II  Weltplitik o Series of declarations  Austria attacks Serbia  Serbia is an ally of Serbia, so Russia attacks Russia  Germany comes to defend Hungary against Russia  UK and France have to join with Russia  All the colonies were forced into as well  Who is responsible? o Helmuth von Moltke  Schlieffen Plan  Germany wanted to take France out as quickly as possible o Wanted to go through Belgium to get to France  UK was tied to Belgium under an old treaty
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