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Carleton University
HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

18/11/11  Most Jews were in the east  The beginning o Emphasis on emigration o Impact of the seizure of new territories o Invasion of Poland  Destruction of Polish society  Went after the elite/the heads of the society o Ghettoization  Appalling living conditions  Small neighbourhoods where all the Jewish population is forced to live  Easy to manage/control and account for the Jewish population  Old property and houses given to Germans  Mostly in Eastern Europe o When did Germany embark upon the Final Solution?  Beginning of 1942  Systematically kill of the Jewish population o Einsatzgruppen  Strike forces  Mobile killing squads  Pattern of killing in the East  1.5 million to 2 million deaths  Outside of concentration camps  How did locals react?  Indifferent  Minimal resistance o Wannsee  January 20 1942  Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962) o Created the policy o Systematic killing  Outlines the purpose of the death camps o Concentration camps  Mostly in Poland o Process of persecution  Expulsion  Containment  Annihilation  Who were the victims of the Holocaust?  Jews  Roma Homosexuals  Roma/Gypsies
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