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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

04/11/11  Comparison Essay o Looking at secondary sources o 2 sets so pick one o Find the thesis of the essays you are reading o Look at the sources they use  Primary, secondary  Statistics  Compare their methodologies o Critique them  Is one better argued  Your opinion o Second time your site back to back  Ibid., page # o Second time you site that isn’t back to back  Author., page#  The Great Depression o 24/10/1929  US becomes economy power  Creditor nation o Leant a lot to Germany so they could make their war reparations  US creditors liquidate European assets o German industrial output collapses  6 million unemployed in Germany  20% o Economic uncertainty increases appeal of fascism and Nazism  Hitler’s Rise to Power o NSDAP National Socialist Workers’ Party o Race seen as main social reality o Racial biological form of anti-Semitism  Systematic  Eugenics  Hierarchy of races  Biological over religion  Used to be Europeans blamed Jews for killing Christ  Germans made it an o Who did Nazi ideology and Hitler’s message appeal to most at first?  Unemployed soldiers  Created paramilitary organizations before he gained power  Lower middle class  Most of the civil servants  NSDAP tried to infiltrate all levels of society o SA: Sturmabteilung (paramilitary organizations)  Storm Troupers  Leader Ernest Röhm or Roehm  The move towards authoritarianism o Economic woes  Political impact  Collapse of the SPD government o First presidential cabinet appointed in march 1930 by Paul Von Hindenburg  Heinrich Brüning  Centre Party o Based around Catholic church  Changed how power is set up o Brings more power to chancellor o Increases power of presidential decrees  Reparations payments o Use of presidential decrees o Highly unpopular economic measures  Brüning bans Nazis SA  Called for trade/customs union with Austria o Economic union often is linked to political union o Doesn’t materialize because Brüning doesn’t stay in power long enough  1930-33 The Last Yeasr of Weimar o Hoover Moratorium  President of US says Germany can take a rest on reparations o Reasons for the collapse of democracy o NSDAP social base expands o Elections  1928: NSDAP 12 seats  1930: NSDAP 107 seats  Brüning receives SDP support and stays in power o Hindenburg’s re-election  Runs against Hitler and the election is close  They hold a second election because it was so close  Hindenburg still wins o Franz Von Papen (May 1932)  Replaced Hindenburg  Raised ban on Nazi SA  Attempt to undermine SPD o July 1932 elections  NSDAP wins a plurality of seats (230)  KPD (communist) 89 seats  Hitler demands to be appointed chancellor  First time the two radical parties have a majority  September 1932: von Papen loses key vote for confidence  November 1932 elections  Hiter’s NSDAP retains most seats, but sustains slight losses
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