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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

11/11/11  Youth o Children o Excited people  Overwhelming support o Women  Masses of people o All supporting Hitler  Grand processions  Military music  Soldiers having fun o Team building  Glorious labour o Industry  Hitler Youth having fun  How fun fighting is  Nazism in the 1930s o Churches  Protestant churches split  German Christians  Wanted to merge church and state  Government would be in charge of appoint bishops  Confessing Church  Dietrich Bonhoeffer o Leader o Philosopher o Gets put in a concentration camp as a political prisoner  Opposed Hitler  Wanted to keep religious sovereignty  Original Nazi plan to install a Reich Bishop  Resistance to restructuring of confessional schools  Catholics oppose this  Germany wants to control the Catholic schools  Catholic Concordat of July 1933  Catholic protests  To save the confessional schools  Priests will be loyal to Hitler  A big problem people have with the church in WW2 afterwards  Quiet resistance to Hitler  Church of Germany and the Vatican were too quiet  Pachelli was the German Vatican diplomat o Became pope later  Church protest some eugenics o Biological discrimination o Very vocal about sterilization  Against it  Jewish policy  Boycotts o Beginning  Nuremberg Laws of 1935 o Legalizes anti-Semitism o Outlines who is and is not a Jew o Jews are no longer citizens o Prohibits marriage with Jews and non-Jews  Kristallnacht o November 1938 o Nazi supporters burned synagogues and attacked Jewish stores o Most Germans didn’t support this open violence  What did ‘ordinary’ Germans think about the Nazi discrimination of Jewish communities  Nazi Foreign Policy o Revision of Versailles  Couldn’t have the power he wanted without rearmament  Want to join with Austria o Creation of satellite states  A sovereign state dependent on another larger state o France  Hitler never trusts them  Long standing tensions o Russia  Signs a non-aggression pact with them  Hitler wants to attack them or incapacitate
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