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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

28/10/11  Movie o Stalin was sent to exile  Came back o Lenin lead the revolution against the Tsar o Lenin didn’t know who Stalin was at the beginning  Stalin became important once the revolution had taken place o Lenin died  Who should take over?  Stalin or Trotsky?  Lenin didn’t want a complicated funeral  Staling gave him one anyways  Lenin didn’t want Stalin to take over  Stalin did o Stalin consolidated power and gathered his allies o Trotsky is publicly shown as a traitor and sent to exile  Trotsky became a synonym for someone against the government o Stalin wanted a dictatorship not an oligarchy  Stalin banned the church  Church needed be replaced o Used himself o His image would replace the church ones  Churches are destroyed  Priests are killed o Not properly buried o Wants industrialization  State owned farms would pay for this  Before Stalin it was mostly agrarian  25% urban  All agriculture was collectivized  Took away everyone’s land  Farmers refuse to give up their harvest o Stalin attacks peasants homes  Confiscates possessions and  Systematically search every house in a village  People were told how much wheat they had to deliver o Land owners were demonized  Kulaks  Put in gulags o Slavery  Kulaks and prisoners o Slavery meant they could expand their country  More infrastructure  Comments on the documentary o Everything has bias o Some things are missed  How evil Lenin was  He did industrialize Russia  It was more to tell it in an interesting way  Music  Bad stories  Stalin o Diugas Villi is his real name o He was Georgian  Wasn’t a “white Russian” o Realized he had to be white so he could move up the ranks o Originally he was going to be a priest  Trained in an Orthodox seminary  This turned him into a communist  Became a Marxist from then on o Arrested a bunch as a party activist  Sent to Siberia  Escaped 7 times  Became a well known “bad boy”  Not really a natural leader  Limited education  Crude  Not an intellectual like Lenin and Trotsky o Rough around the edges o People thought he was an idiot o Takes Stalin 6-7 years to consolidate power after Lenin  Nothing was in place for succession o Wanted to industrialize Russia  First 5 year plan  Nationalize all industry  State decides how much of each product is produced o Everything o Major shortages for all products  The Gosplan o Government control of production  1928-1932 Increase goods in factories o Reduce shortages o Coal, iron, oil and steel were main shortages  Never met their target goals for production  Came close which was impressive  Deteriorates working conditions to be efficient enough to meet the targets  Second 5 year plan  1933-1938  Emphasized communication  Emphasized infrastructure like the railway  Difficult to find machinery to function o Factories would be shutdown while they wait for equipment  Inefficient o People have no training  Machinery would be damaged quickly 
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