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Lecture 5

HIST 1300 Lecture 5: FEB 7th 2017 HIST 1300

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Carleton University
HIST 1300
Matt Bellamy

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 7 th Military Service Act; Leads to easter riots. It’s the act that enforces conscription. Lots of exemptions. 93% of those given conscription applied for exemption. Borden then got rid of exemptions. Easter Riots; representative of division between anti-conscriptions and conscriptionists. Riots breakout in Quebec city on easter weekend on 1918. 15,000 protestors. Buildings are burned. As a result, Quebec city mayor asks for help from military. 5 people die. Spanish Influenza: An example of post war. It’s a flu. Kills 5% of the population. Soldiers come back with it. Soldiers come back with ptsd. Jack Mclung: representative of the fact that many individuals that return from the war are psychologically wounded. Suffers ptsd and lives with depression. Commits suicide in WW2. Winnipeg General Strike; clash between workers and employers. Prices of everything has doubled. Takes places between May 15 and june 25 1919. The building of metal workers go out on strike. 30,000 people take strike. Gov’t decides to pass an extreme measure by adjusting the immigration act to deport the leaders of the general strike. Bordens broken promise: 1)He promised westerns he would not conscript your sons. 2) They don’t like the national policy tariff; farmers used to buy their goods from North Dakota and now forced from Ontario. 3) decling wheat prices; prices are cut in half post 2 years after war. 4
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