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Lecture 5

HIST 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Labatt Brewing Company, Canadian Business, Agnes Macphail

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HIST 1300
Matt Bellamy

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Militar “erie At; Leads to easter riots. It’s the at that efores osriptio. Lots of
exemptions. 93% of those given conscription applied for exemption. Borden then got rid of
Easter Riots; representative of division between anti-conscriptions and conscriptionists. Riots
breakout in Quebec city on easter weekend on 1918. 15,000 protestors. Buildings are burned.
As a result, Quebec city mayor asks for help from military. 5 people die.
“paish Iflueza: A eaple of post ar. It’s a flu. Kills 5% of the populatio. “oldiers oe
back with it. Soldiers come back with ptsd.
Jack Mclung: representative of the fact that many individuals that return from the war are
psychologically wounded. Suffers ptsd and lives with depression. Commits suicide in WW2.
Winnipeg General Strike; clash between workers and employers. Prices of everything has
doubled. Takes places between May 15 and june 25 1919. The building of metal workers go out
o strike. 0,000 people take strike. Go’t deides to pass a etree easure  adjustig the
immigration act to deport the leaders of the general strike.
Bordens broken promise: 1)He promised westerns he would not conscript your sons.
) The do’t like the national policy tariff; farmers used to buy their goods from North Dakota
and now forced from Ontario.
3) decling wheat prices; prices are cut in half post 2 years after war.
4) Western perception of Canadian Banking: banks are foreclosing on farmers. Negative
perception. They see the banks as an instrument of the central Canadian business elite.
Agnes Macphail; first women elected to federal house of commons. Represents the farmer.
Starts off as a school teachers. Grew up on a farm. Gets election 1921.
Progressive Party: First 3rd party in Canadian history. They represent the farmers. They want; 1)
get rid of national policy tariff 2) Nationalize the banks, state owned 3) A national wheat board
created to deal with declining wheat prices.
Edmund Burke: Turns Labatt beers into a bootlegger. Labatts general manager. Irish born.
Makes Labatt an offer that he can refuse in 1921. He bootlegs to the usa, selling it to Al Capone
and the purple gang in Detroit.
Volstead Act; brings prohibition in USA. Creates the bootlegger market.
Ages W: It’s a fishig ship. Oe of the as Laatt ootlegs ooze to U“A. Rus fro Widsor
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