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Lecture 12

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HIST 1300
John Maker

HISTORY EXAM: -focus on time periods -what leads us to the first world war; issues on the home front -second world war -focus mainly on the issues on the home front -the strength on Canada’s democracy -inter war period -growth of Canada as independent (Mackenzie King) -Jeanette crisis -Halbit treaty -West Minster statue -rise in the 1920 -1930’s protestant movements -the great depression (how did it effect Canadian society) -the Italian campaign -development of the welfare state in Canada -election of Trudeau -the cold war; effect on Canada -1960’s – particular issues -major issues from the last class lecture The New Economy: there was a recession in the early 1970’s but the west boomed. -there was a new political movement starting in Quebec during the 1970’s -recession in the 1970’s but the West experienced a boom Oil became the basis of the new economy in Alberta- it was natural resources across the country… but was that really new at all? Yet new natural resources extraction is environmentally intensive which raised the ire of the new ecology movement. In response to inflationary pressures, Trudeau instituted wage and price controls Designed to limit inflation. Trudeau returned to power in 1980 on a pledge to repatriate the constitution and introduce a charter of rights and freedoms. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is supreme in Canada and now guarantees Canadians fundamental and inaliena
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