HIST 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Huron Tract, Black Loyalist

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10 Aug 2016
Oct 29
Laura Secord
-was a British loyalist
-she overheard a planned attack by the Americans towards upper Canada
-she then travelled 30km to tell the British and aboriginal troops of the oncoming attack. This led to
them being prepared and winning the battle.
Loyalist Migrations
-some people could not foresee a safe and comfortable way of living with the Americans as rulers so
they left for Canada
-most loyalist went to nova scotia (which included N-B)
-approx 40 000. They received land grants in N-S
-in1786 the British government ended the land grants but migration continued. After this many settled
in what is now Ontario.
-by 1810, population of Upper Canada is 136,000 about 80% were U.S migrants
-loyalist migrants were not homogenous nor were they all elite. Most were farmers, labourers or
tradespeople. Some were born in Europe.
Six Nations migrants
-indigenous people who migrated. Not really because of loyalty, they were granted land so they moved
-they were allies with british during war.
African Americans
-as much as 10%, 3500 migrants were of African descent.
-they escaped because they wanted to avoid slavery. Many went to nova scotia
-however the conditions were difficult. Famines, racism, poverty were all a part of their lives
-huge delays in granting lands
-they were given least desirable lands
-Upper Canada was first province to abolish the importation of slavery in 1793. So you could still own a
slave, just no more importation of any.
-there were still slaves in nova scotia when all the migrants went there.
-by 1792 1200 black loyalist left for Sierra Leone
-promises of freedom were tempered by a legal climate in which some form of racism still occurred
-most accompanied their families and husband
Late loyalist (after 1790)
-came for free grants of land, 200 acres.
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