HIST 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Charlottetown Conference, British Land, Rebellion Losses Bill

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10 Aug 2016
Nov 19
William Topley and the governor general’s 1876 fancy dress ball
-topley is a photographer from Aylmer quebec.
-Ottawa picked as capital. Not an obvious choice. Not a city that was as big, cultural as other cities like
MTL, Toronto or Quebec
-for the ball everyone had to dress in costume.
-Topley was hired to take photographs of the ball. He used composite photography. He super imposed
many pictures together
-many people dress themselves as different cultures. Ex: Chinese, north American trapper, dominion of
-nation states don’t simply exist they must be created not only by politics but social beliefs. It takes a
long time to create a country and nationalism towards this new country.
The economics and political backdrop to confederation
-Lord Durham’s report: sent by England to find facts about why people were revolting. May 1838 and
spent 6 months in Canada to find the problems
-Durham’s recommendations: adoption of responsible government. That the executive council/cabinet
be drawn from majority party and should be responsible to assembly.
-legislatures be responsible for local issues (tax, immigration, infrastructure), but imperial government
would retain control over things like trade, defence etc…
-in Upper Canada he thought the system was the problem. In Lower Canada he believed it was the
French Canadians fault. They were unprogressive. He found an ethnic problem.
-recommended measure that would promote assimilation of French Canadians including amalgamation
of upper Canada and lower Canada.
-the two colonies were equal in population
-upper Canada was growing much quicker. The goal was to limit French power, promote assimilation
and give power to more dynamic people.
Union Governement
-created union of two distinct sections within a single legislature; both sections had equal
representation within the legislature, but conclusive power with governor.
-not responsible government because there is no link between house of assembly and councils. The
council is named and chosen by Britain.
-both sides didn’t like it because, French saw it as an attempt at assimilation and the English didn’t want
to do politics with French or Catholics
-governor still answers to Britain not people. For reformers the struggle went on . The reformers had to
look for alliances in other part of Canada (West, East) since they were now together
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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